Call for Papers

You are invited to submit your full paper to ITEA 2024. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

T1: Intelligent Algorithms and Models for Education

Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Speech/Audio Processing
Large Language Models in Education
Cloud Computing in Education
Affective Computing in Education
Educational Data Mining
Learning Resources Retrieval
Models of Learners
Learning with Simulations
Models of Teaching
Ontological modelling

T2: Cognitive Science and Intelligent Technologies for Education

Brain Modeling
Cognitive Systems
Behavioral Dynamic Mechanisms
Educational Software and Hardware
Open Source Educational Technologies
Digital Libraries and Repositories
Personalized Teaching System
Educational Multimedia
Generative AI in Education
Intelligent Tutoring
Multi-gent Architectures
Human-AI Interaction in Education
Tangible Interfaces
Virtual / Augmented Reality


T3: Intelligent Technologies for Learning Analysis and Evaluation


Learning Analytics
Learning Early Warning
Learning Intervention
Multivariate and Multimodal Learning Assessment
Learner Engagement Quantification & Analysis
Digital Attendance Tracking
Collaborative Learning Analytics
Computer-Aided Assessment
Digital Evaluation
Expert Systems
Automated Grading Systems
Learning Evaluation Systems
Curriculum Evaluation System
Performance Prediction


T4: Innovative Technologies for Digital and Distance Learning


E-Learning Education System and Platforms
Blended Learning
Virtual Learning Environments
Mobile Learning
Distance Learning System
Flipped Classroom
Web Classroom Applications
Online/ Virtual Laboratories
Collaboration and Communication Software

T5: Other Issues in Intelligence and Digital Education

Teacher Training
Quality Assurance
Cross-cultural Counseling
Security & Privacy
Fairness, Efficiency, and Sustainability
AI for Inclusive Education
Intelligent Systems for Special Education